Meet the Greenie team. Started in Cape Town in 2020, amidst one of the most serious pandemics in history, when it became even more clear that we were destroying our beautiful world. 

Greenie is committed to building an eco & people conscious brand. Reducing our eco footprint to preserve a future world for our children and uplifting those who need it most in our community. South Africa is a beautiful but very unequal society. Change is desperately needed and no effort made can ever be too small. They are committed to building an eco conscious brand that is about growth and empowerment; and not just profit. 

    All products are handmade at their production facility in Cape Town, from quality materials and want-nots that often end up polluting the earth. Their highly skilled production team have perfected the manufacturing process to create superior quality products that reflects the beauty of Africa and are made to last.

    When you support this brand, you reduce your eco impact and increase your social obligation by changing real lives.