Bamba Zonke

My name is Sarah Lederman. I am the founder of BAMBA ZONKE.
I was born and raised in France. Both my parents worked in fashion managing a 'Pret-a-Porter' and my mother designed and made theatre costumes. So the love of design and fashion has always surrounded me.
For me, bags are an essential fashion accessory. I love to travel and needed somewhere to carry my adventure keepsakes in. I was looking for the perfect holiday bag but could not find what I wanted. So I decided to create it myself.Cape Town is my source of inspiration: from the turquoise seas, & endless sport, to fashion, forests, open spaces & wild, natural, outdoor living - I wanted to create something practical. A strong, colourful, trendy bag. And so I did.
And that's how, in 2014, Bamba Zonke was born.

The name Bamba Zonke in Zulu means:"to hold in your
hands". Quite fitting I thought, considering a bag is what you hold...