Zizamele Ceramics was founded in 2008 by Toni Burton who taught ceramics skills at a local college.  She taught the present members of Zizamele on an 18-month long job creation course in craft production.  Once the group had qualified, it seemed inconceivable to send the participants back to a life of poverty in their local township, Masiphumulele.
Toni is the entrepreneur of the group and a few very tough years followed while she established the products in the marketplace.  Two things were in place – a talented and loyal team and a great product.

All the original artists are still part of Zizamele plus two new members who joined the group more recently. The signature product is the UBUNTU BOWL, an African version of the Friendship Bowl.  The female figures hold hands around the rim of a handthrown bowl, in a spirit of unity, wearing their traditional African headscarves with their babies on their backs.

Zizamele creates highly sought after and collectable ceramic pieces that can be found all around the world as they are increasingly exporting to various countries. Product development and training is ongoing and each artist is encouraged to develop their own speciality.