Karoo Angels

In the tiny villages of Vondeling and Rietbron in the South African Karoo landscape you will find 16 dedicated and highly skilled crafters making the famous Karoo Angels. What started as a small craft activity in 2006, making a tiny wire angel only, has today developed into a portfolio of more than 75 angels, all with unique personalities and names. Today thousands of angels every year fly out from what is now named The Angel Factory in the Karoo.

Locally sourced natural materials - ostrich feathers and merino wool - as well as jewelry wires and exquisite beads, are daily transformed into beautiful ornaments. The secret of their beauty lies in the touch of the human hand - the angels are entirely made by hand, by crafters with passion, care and extraordinary skills. And in this way the Karoo Angels are symbols of a positive synergy between nature and humans, celebrating life and hope.