Tiger Lily Tots

Tiger Lily offers a range of products for life with little people, including fabric decor and accessories, sensory toys and beaded mobiles.
We pride ourselves on stocking a range of products that are not only practical but that are also beautiful, perfectly fitting into a curated, styled home. The products are beautiful to look at and little people enjoy the textures and contrasting colors too.
Our team of seamstresses (mostly moms too!) work together from our studio in Cape Town to create our range of products, supporting multiple families within the community. We design and hand make our beaded mobiles in house. The majority of our materials are sourced locally in South Africa, and we are constantly looking at ways to reduce our fabric waste by using offcuts for smaller products, embellishments and as stuffing for dog beds for a local charity. In addition, we support a local NGO, regularly providing blankets and beanies for underprivileged moms with newborn babies.

Tiger Lily was founded in 2009, one of the first South African companies to offer a more contemporary range of decor items for the nursery or baby room. At the time, the founder, Sam was running a small bridal boutique and decided to start Tiger Lily using the existing team of makers. The initial team of 2 has grown into a team of 7 over the years with the focus shifting solely to children's products. With much experience in making with fabric, Sam loves to work along with the close-knit team in making a variety of products.