Winnie is originally from Zimbabwe and has been living in Cape Town since 1998.

Her late father was the person who started making & selling bamboo baskets and fibre mats to provide for Winnie and her siblings when they all very young. After she got married and due to the economic hardship in Zimbabwe at the time, she also decided to practise what her father had taught her and started to weave and sell baskets together with crotchet goods. She started out in Zambia but there was little to no business there and they moved onto Botswana which proved to be just as financially difficult.

In 1995, she decided to take a big move and move to Pretoria with her friends to see how well her goods were do there. When the market got flooded with similar items in Pretoria she relocated to Cape Town and has been able to fend her family and pay all rentals from the sale of her items here. Winnie has 3 children (2 girls and 1 boy) whom she is very proud of! Her eldest, Faith, completed high school. Her second child, Felicia, is currently in her first year training to be a nurse. And her son, Joshua, is in Grade 4.