Peace, Wilbert & Leopold

Peace, Wilbert and Leopold are Zimbabweans based in Cape Town, South Africa, who are part of the Constantia Village Craft and Design group of artists who got involved in making and designing art curios as far back as 2003, after relocating to SA due to the deteriorating cost of living in Zimbabwe. 

They started selling their crafts at the traffic lights and as time went by they were given the opportunity to occupy a portion of Constantia Village Mall complex to be able to sell their goods.  From there, the sky was the limit and they have not stopped soldiering on persevering, as now they are one of the few recognized artists in the industry. 

Most of the time, the group work individually designing, making and selling but when it comes to big orders from clients they tend to team up together to ensure there are sufficient hands for the workload and a smooth delivery time to their clients.