Sidai Designs

  • by Faye Tones

Traditionally symbolizing beauty and prosperity, beadwork has held an essential place in Maasai culture and is typically passed down through the generations by women. 

In between chores, young girls in the village would sit next to their mother and watch as she handcrafted everyday and ceremonial adornments to either wear or sell.

As the Maasai’s pastoral lands are encroached upon and families move closer to urban areas, subtle changes in traditional garb highlight the transition of this tribe. Previously time-honored Maasai beadwork is being swapped out for cheap imported plastic bangles. This decline in appreciation for beadwork by Maasai youth could result in traditional skills being lost forever.

Our mission is to preserve this age-old Maasai tradition through sustainable employment for Maasai women. By using our knowledge of modern and timeless design to enhance Maasai beadwork, we create stunning pieces to be worn or displayed in homes worldwide; ultimately inspiring a new generation of beaders. 

We work with over 120 beaders who specialize in creating unique, contemporary beaded designs that appeal to a global market. We are invested in upskilling and educating our artisans and run workshops to improve their skills and knowledge.

We are uncompromising when it comes to quality of our materials. Using high quality materials set us apart from any other Maasai beadwork and allows our customers to enjoy everyday wear.



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