Wild Rhubarb

We love the tactile aspect of this product being directly from Us to You! …right from the picking & foraging of wild flowers to the eventual printing of each WR piece & everything that is involved in this process in between –  is all part of the joy of being in the moment of creating!

We are feeling so inspired by the sense, that there is now - very evidently, this sweeping move away from machine-made mass produced objects, and a return to an appreciation of original hand crafted objects and art.

Handmade on the exquisite Garden Route, South Africa – the Eden of Africa, we are also very proud to co-create with some wonderfully talented women in our community.

One of the integral parts of Wildrhubarb is Debbie, who does most of the sewing for Wildrhubarb. She has her own business from home and employs ladies from her community. We have been working together with for about 9 years. We cherish our working relationship and are continually grateful that, through Wildrhubarb as a brand,  sold locally, online & now also in the USA – we can continue to bring work into our community to directly support talented ladies such as Debbie

Debbie & everyone we work with in our community - set their own prices according to Fairtrade standards – which is an essentially integral part of the ethos behind Wildrhubarb.

‘I create a product that originates from a moment of being inspired – which usually leaves me with a very clear mental image of what I would like to create – often sparked by something in nature – be it the lines of a leaf or flower, or a splash of a vibrant colour..

This then becomes a search for more botanical specimens – which become a series of line drawings; a transfer to silk screen  & finally to an actual print on natural fabric, bringing you a piece of art that is functional, each completely unique & inspired by a moment of passion for the sculptural & luminous quality of the natural world’ Tatum Williams founder & designer of Wildrhubarb Designs.