Enlighten Me

What started out as little more than curiosity in 2014, soon developed into a passion for artist Georgine Jacobs. She embarked on an incredible 18-month journey, exploring recycled paper as a creative medium for developing decorative interior objects. During the course of this journey she investigated the amazing characteristics of paper combined with a variety of natural fibres, dyes and pigments.

One of her main areas of focus was to develop techniques for creating interesting weave-like textures (resembling that of African basketry). Inspiration for many of the organic shapes she produced was taken from nature, like her signature asymmetrical vases, which were inspired by the nesting logs in her garden, or her more recent Pebble and Calabash range. The end result was a strong, durable and aesthetically pleasing product range that was well received in the market.

 This led to the establishment of her EnlightenMe Home Décor brand in 2016. To date her products have been sold in many countries across the world, including Australia, Austria, France, Portugal, the Seychelles, the United Kingdom and the United States.

 Holding a B.Sc. Honours degree in Computer Science and stepping away from a long and successful career to delve into more creative pursuits, this self-taught artist brings the same meticulous attention to detail to her creations. She recently appointed an assistant, January Kgaphola, to her team. With his eager-to-learn attitude and remarkable ability to master new skills, January is already contributing inspiring new energy to this venture.