Nomi Handmade

African Fabric Jewellery, Accessories and Décor in South Africa

Nomi Handmade is inspired by my beloved mother after whom my brand is named. 

NOMI - is actually short for Nomgcobo which means happiness in Xhosa.

 – Thandie

About Nomi Handmade

The story of Nomi Handmade is a bitter-sweet one that starts with the unexpected passing of my mom, Nomgcobo. She is the person who made me realise my creative side many years ago when I was a pre-teen, but it would not be until this cross-roads that I'd return to making. I thank my sister, Yolanda, for that - she gave me an outlet through which I could cope with our loss (teaching me how to make thread-wrapped necklaces, and, thus, rekindling my crafter passion. Thank goodness! From there the rest is history! My hobby has turned into a fully fledged business! Yayness!

Production Methods

Nomi Handmade specialises in African fabric jewellery, accessories and home décor. Our fabric of choice is a special one - called shweshwe - as it is only manufactured in the Eastern Cape, South Africa (beware of shiny, flimsy imitations). Shweshwe fabric pretty much features very intricate patterns in a variety of styles and colours - our favourites are the colour-blocking bright ones. We only stock products in 12 of the patterns at any given time. This is owing to availability - the manufacturer actually changes their offering regularly, so the patterns you see now may not be available in a few months time. Sorry! Breaks our hearts too... :( The Nomi Handmade range currently consists of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings, as well as photo frames and notebooks. Check back regularly though to see what other items we've added to our offering. Each of our pieces is made by hand with love and undergoes stringent quality control by the owner herself, Thandie Dowery. Can't wait to get some beautiful and unique African pieces to you! Looking forward to it... xoxo Nomi Handmade

Shweshwe fabric is proudly South African and truly unique. It is traditional South African fabric used to create traditional wear and is simply stunning. The printed cotton fabric comes in a variety of colours and patterns.

Nomi Handmade specialise in shweshwe fabric jewellery, which is made using a variety of thread-wrapping, beading, sewing and decoupage techniques. Each piece is made from 100% cotton and is hypoallergenic. In items where metal findings feature, they source nickel-free.