Justin Creations

Justin Mashora was born with talent.  He started drawing at a tender age of 5 years old and while in Primary School his teacher recognized his artistic skills.  Justin never went to art school but he loved experimenting with different mediums.  While growing up in Harare, Zimbabwe he attempted his first painting with oils and sold it at Amon Shonge Arte Gallery in 1995.  The curator at the Gallery subsequently invited him to be a resident artist at the gallery. 

From there Justin never looked back.  He experimented with different mediums majoring in Acrylics and Oil.  He has exhibited his art in different galleries throughout Zimbabwe and South Africa including the National Art Gallery of Zimbabwe, Walk Tribal Art Gallery and Jairos Jiri Gallery just to mention a few.  

Justin specializes in wildlife paintings using different painting techniques.  He now resides in Kwa-Zulu, Natal.