Ruby Tuesday

Meet Ruby!

Ruby Tuesday Resin’s philosophy is simple: life is about finding beauty in unexpected places. I specialise in handcrafted resin cheese boards, serving boards, coasters, and bespoke coffee tables. Combining wood and resin is a match made in heaven – or rather, in resin (ha!). Resin is such an intricate art, with each piece taking an average of ten hours to create. It’s also absolutely unique. Because of the unpredictability of resin, no two pieces are completely identical, even when the same colours are used. The result is a one-of-a-kind investment artwork that adorns your kitchen or dining room table. My boards are sourced locally and I have partnered with a South African supplier to produce my own brand of resin! My resin is guaranteed 100% food-safe and is also scratch-resistant.

I started Ruby Tuesday Resin at the tender age of 40 after my daughter was tasked with a university project that used resin. I ended up becoming so absorbed in the beauty and uniqueness of the art. Fast forward to me watching hundreds of hours of YouTube videos and daydreaming about how I could bring the magic of resin to the South African market. My husband (and the namesake behind the brand…three guesses what song was playing the night we met?) helped me to launch and so, at the age of 40, I started a brand new business in a burgeoning field. 

It’s been a massive learning curve, especially as a one-woman show. I source my supplies, place orders, issue invoices, execute all admin, run social media, chat to clients, prep the boards, and do the pouring, sanding, oiling and branding of the boards. I’m the brand photographer, packager and courier-organiser. The slogan “eat, sleep, resin, repeat” didn’t materialise out of nowhere! But I love this work – this art. If I could go without sleep and pour through the night instead, I would!

I am so proud of what my brand has become and I can’t wait to see where it will go.