Moth Home

Our products are made with from a beautiful linen/cotton  blend. Grown and Woven right here in South Africa by one of  the last remaining Cotton Mills we had before they sadly had to close their doors, thanks to an influx of cheaper import

Our Veg Tan is sourced from a small family run business in Woodstock, Cape Town. All their hides are sourced from all over South Africa. Vegetable tanned leather takes up to two months to develop in a process that is mainly done by hand. It requires skill, patience and care and the tanning process uses no harmful chemicals, unlike its chrome tanned counterpart. Which is why we use it as much as we can in creating our products.

Our zips are sourced from Durban and our buldenim and cotton calico lining is from the last cotton mill left in South Africa . I handpaint and lino print all our designs myself (even our non toxic paint is South African). Each product is then sewn up by Moni or Gracie. Who, without them Moth would be lost.