Musa Mbongo is from Harare, Zimbabwe, and has been in Cape Town for 25 years. 

Musa is known for always been in the same spot in Meadowridge Cape Town where he has a strong support base of loyal customers who love his work.  Musa taught himself to do the beadwork and he has a team of 6 people who make up the customer orders as they arise so can push orders out quickly if need be.  He is always so grateful for any business that comes his way. 

Upon chatting to Musa I discovered that he is actually a musician by profession and comes from a very musical background.  His father and brother played guitars and his mother was a singer.  He is a self-taught musician and loves to play any instrument (except the saxophone he’s quick to admit!).

Musa is a single dad, unfortunately he lost his wife but received enormous support from everyone in the area.  He has a 14 year old daughter who lives with him as well as a Son who is 26 and lives in Zimbabwe.