Introducing Demi’s Picks - An Ithemba Creations Collab with Purposeful People

  • by Meerkat Media Group

Ithemba Creations is the First Purposeful People Brand of the Month

We are extremely excited to announce that former Miss Universe, Demi-Leigh Tebow has chosen us as Purposeful People’s first collaboration for the month of September!

Purposeful People Partnership


The Purposeful People Partnership was created by Demi Tebow to highlight brands with a deeper purpose that revolves around supporting and uplifting people from all walks of life. Demi has been outspoken about preventing human trafficking and child labor; a natural fit with her advocacy for shopping ethically. 

Ethical shopping means knowing who is making the products you buy and how they are being made. Cheap prices from suppliers come at the cost of negatively impacting our environment and the employees who make the products but earn unfair wages and are forced to endure abusive labor.

Demi has chosen to partner with Ithemba Creations because of our efforts to ethically source and manufacture our products while also creating employment and providing a sustainable income to the artisans all across Southern Africa.

Demi’s Picks

As part of the collaboration, Demi has chosen a handful of her favorite selections from Ithemba Creations, which she will be sharing across all her social media accounts. To make it easier for you to browse her choices, you can find all of Demi’s Picks in one place!

One of her favorites is the PotterStitch dinnerware set. We teamed up with Willemien de Villiers, a South African artist to bring this ceramics collection to life. This incredibly detailed black and white dinner set is inspired by Willemien’s contemporary interpretation of vintage embroidery and is an elegant addition to any home.

Another highlight from Demi’s list is the Hand Felted Zebra Pillow Cover. These adorable pillow covers are handmade by local women in underprivileged communities in South Africa, using a needle and South African merino and karakul wool. These unique covers are a wonderful piece of functionable art for every space from a living room to a child’s bedroom.

We hope you browse more of the items that will be spotlighted by Demi Tebow this month and find some of your own favorites that will brighten up your home. Don’t forget to use the promo code ‘DEMI5’ at checkout!

Ithemba Creations — Shopping with a Purpose

We are truly honored to have been chosen by Demi Tebow, herself, to collaborate and share our mission with you all!

For more information on why shopping from ethically sourced and manufactured brands is so important, be sure to check out Demi Tebow’s blog! You can also learn more about Ithemba’s mission and why we do what we do here.


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